Bringing Innovation to Market



Specialty Medical Device Distributor
​& Sales Force

As a specialty distributor we are committed to bringing emerging medical technologies to the market. ​​

We partner with medical device companies that are looking for an outsourced sales and marketing team who can promote new products and present innovative ideas.



We seek out the most innovative client manufacturers whose products improve the processes of clinical care in the hospital world.   ​​

Zuma-Bio transcends the relationship with our manufacturer clients building ideas and brands with trust and integrity.

Our salesforce passionately entrenches itself in your cause, initiating paths for change on the clinical level.

​Through a relentless pursuit of improved patient care and outcomes, Zuma-Bio brings innovation to market. 

​​Interventional​ Radiology​ ​​

 Interventional​ Radiology​ 

​​Orthopedic Surgery

​​Orthopedic Surgery

​​Vascular Surgery

​​Vascular Surgery​ ​​

​​Cardiac Surgery ​​

​​Cardiac Surgery ​​


​​Neurosurgery​ ​​